Fakir Abdul Rahman Sada, Arifi Billah :

Fakir Abdul Rahman Sada, Arifi Billah :


Sarfraz Khan
To Sachnews Jammu Kashmir :

Jenab Fakir Abdul Rahman Sada’s (R.A) grandfather was Gulam Rasool Keelu who was residing at mohalla Sheerpora Anantnag.
He was married to Shufa Begum daughter of Abdul Rahman Bhat of Dooru Shahabad and the couple lived in the same house of Abdul Rahman Bhat at Dooru Shahabad.

They had no issue for quite some time and they were highly perturbed.

In the course of their pursuit for their own child they met a Fakir-e-billah at Dooru Shahabad .

The Godly figure Gulam Hassan Bhalla had to travel from his residence situated at Sagam Kokernag to Dooru Shahabad on the ground that the hearts of the couple had broken.
He advised them to chant wazifa in silence within their hearts.
He also advised them to pay visit to the shrine of Sheikh Noor-ud-din Wali and shrine at Pakherpora.

Through these efforts a son was born to them named as Mohammad Maqbool Keelu .He was very intelligent but could only study upto 5th primary but he had keen interest in Persian ,Urdu and Arabic.

Therefore, he had a good hold on these three languages.
His hobby was artistic writting.His traditional buissness was shopkeeping.

Dooru Shahabad at that time was the main place of administration and trade.Therefore people from all adjacent areas like Hillar and Badasgam would throng Dooru for shoping .

In the meantime Mohammad Maqbool Keelu was married to Saja Begum daughter of Nizam Wani of Badasgam .
The intellectual pursuit dragged Maqbool Sahib to the Rather family of Hiller and therefore the family of Maqbool Sahib migrated from Dooru Shahabad to Hiller.

During this period a son named Jenab Abdul Rahman Sada (R.A) was born at Dooru Shahabad to them in the year 1979 Bikrami.

The exact date and month is not known.
Jenab Abdul Rahman Keelu Sada (R.A) could study upto 2nd class because his father Mohmmad Maqbool Keelu died in the same year and Jenab (R.A) had to take over the bussiness of his father.
In the year 1947 A.D Jenab (R.A) was over brimmed with the Ishq-e-Muhammad (S.A.W) and Ishq-e-Illahi.
This phenomena brought Jenab Sada (R.A) close to his first Guide Jenab Abdul Majeed Sahib.
Meanwhile Jenab Sada (R.A) was married to Fatima Begum in the year 1948 A.D.

She gave birth to five daughters and a son named Farooq Ahmad Keelu.
MR.Farooq Ahmad Keelu was only five months old that his mother Fatima Begum passed away.

On one of the days Jenab Sada (R.A) was in the chamber of Majeed Sahib ,his first Guide that during the night Jenab Sada(R.A) saw a dream in which he saw himself in the mahfil of Jenab-e-Lassa khan Fida (R.A).Jenab Fida sahib(R.A)brought Jenab Abdul Rahman Sahib(R.A) near his ownself and kept him with himself during the mahfil.At the conclusion of the mahfil,Jenab Fida Sahib(R.A) took Jenab Sada Sahib (R.A) alongwith him.

Jenab Sada sahib (R.A) woke up and his first murshid Jenab Majeed Sahib asked him what was the dream he(R.A) had seen.Sada Rahman Sahib(R.A) narrated the whole dream.
On this event Majeed Sahib took the hand of Jenab Rahman Sahib Sada(R.A) into his hand whisked him off and led him to Fida Sahib’s (R.A) Mehfil…..